Hundreds of generations ago, giants roamed these lands. Some say they sought to eradicate our existance, others say they gifted us immense knowledge, unlocking our intelligence before abandonding us to this cruel world. The only evidence of their existence that remains are the immense structures and contraptions left behind, along with the tools and trinkets we've adapted for use. Some say they will return some day, many deny they ever existed.

Here in The Grand Vale, you've been living at Stonberry: a city built into and out of the remnants of a massive stone wall. Boulders stacked in a manner that would appear unstable, with gaps filled in with marketplaces and homes of wood and cobble. The more noble of mice live in the upper districts, with fabulous mousey structures protruding out of the wall. The top of the stone wall hosts an array of battlements including ballista for fighting off flying invaders, and a landing pad for the Sparrow Riders, some of the most elite members of The Guard.

Stonberry ****has been ravaged recently by the estranged Faerie Queen and her army of charmed creatures and insects. Though fortifications still stand, and many public services are in ruin. The Guard accepts you into their ranks eagerly. You are outfitted with the basics of survival, and are offered a barracks for rest so long as you remain in good standing.

As a member of The Guard, you are obligated to work for the good of all well-to-do mice. It is a rough world, and the routes between settlements are fraught with danger. There is always the need for armed escorts on the road, or an adventurer willing to risk it all to bring back riches and wonders. If the war with the faeries wasn't enough, a gang-war has erupted between the Badratz and the Gentlerats. These rat bandits plague the roads, and the wilds aren't any safer; The feral cannibalistic mice still exist and will attack on sight, the faeries (...) W.i.p.

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Nettle Carizen's workshop

Nettle Carizen's workshop

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Adventuring Party


Location Names

The Grand Vale - Realm

Stonberry - Stone wall settlement

Great Bridge - crosses the river

Traveller's Respit - inn by the Great Bridge

Lola's Spire - Lightning-struck tree, witch lives here

Oak Hollow - City built out of great oak tree. City faces out of large hole in truck like a window

Gourdover - settlement of pumpkin seed farmers, living in preserved pumpkins

Hedged Valley - Eminating magic, faeries are present here and a wealth of berries are here (enchanted?)


Fiz Williamsanson - Young Guard member

Nettle Carizen - Wizard

Lola Burrbankle - Witch

Daniel Kerrn - Guardmouse

Bruiser - Barkeep and fight referee

Brie Smiff - Blacksmith and armorer

Sassafras Miles - Brewer and Barkeep

Dedratz members:




Gentlerats members:







Mausritter Creatures




Effect: [DICE] creatures obey a 3 word command for [SUM] rounds.

Recharge: Serve someone in need selflessly for no less than one full day.


Effect: Increase your speed [1+DICE] times for [SUM] rounds.

Recharge: Spend sunrise to sunset motionless, tablet in hand.